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With 14 years of experience in the healthcare and holistic healing field, she is extremely dedicated and passionate about the well-being of the body, mind and spirit and feels deeply called to help people experience the great transformation she's been able to experience from her work. 

 "If I had the tools & techniques back then that I have now I would have rocked my twenties!  And now that I have them I'm gonna rock my motherhood, my relationships, my life; and I want to help YOU rock yours!"


Energy HealingServices
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Aura Readings

Your Aura holds many clues into what is going on for you in body, mind & spirit. Getting a reading can help you gain insight that you may not have been able to gain so quickly otherwise. This can give you lots of clarity on next steps in your life. 

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Energy Healings

Energy Healings are an amazing way to clear some of the energy that you may have picked up along your path as well as assist you in healing through a difficult time. Some describe healings like receiving an energy massage, some  feel a huge weight has been lifted from them and others have described it as their generators being turned back on.

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A Past Life Regression can give you a world of insight into why some patterns in this lifetime may be harder to break than others. It also give an intriguing look into what your spirit was doing before this life and how that affects you in this lifetime. By healing some of the energy from a past life it can serve you greatly with clearing blocks to your desires. 


Tania will never know the impact her Energy Healings have had on me but I'm extremely appreciative of her. I was still recovering from narcissistic abuse & what I would consider a Twin Flame journey when we started working together. I had all but shut my own business down due to the intense amount of pain I was in. I just couldn't give to others in the state I was in. Even though I'm a trained Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer myself I was in dire need of the nurturing & help that she provided me in order to really begin to heal myself. Receiving her services felt like a deep act of love of & gift for myself.

She is humble, down to earth, kind & she takes life lightly but her work very seriously. She has ensured that she can provide the highest quality of services she possibly can in the healthcare & healing field. And coming from someone who is extremely selective about who I allow into my energy to work on it, I highly, highly, highly recommend Tania! I have no doubt in my mind that you are in very good & professional hands with her!

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Loved my experience with Tania! Connecting with her before giving birth brought on such a peaceful feeling. She emailed me my session so I would have it forever to look back on. I’m extremely thankful for her time and I would definitely recommend her




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