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Healing Services

Confused about which service is right for you? Click here to contact Tania for assistance. 

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Tania will never know the impact her Energy Healings have had on me but I'm extremely appreciative of her. I was still recovering from narcissistic abuse & what I would consider a Twin Flame journey when we started working together. I had all but shut my own business down due to the intense amount of pain I was in. I just couldn't give to others in the state I was in. Even though I'm a trained Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer myself I was in dire need of the nurturing & help that she provided me in order to really begin to heal myself. Receiving her services felt like a deep act of love of & gift for myself.

She is humble, down to earth, kind & she takes life lightly but her work very seriously. She has ensured that she can provide the highest quality of services she possibly can in the healthcare & healing field. And coming from someone who is extremely selective about who I allow into my energy to work on it, I highly, highly, highly recommend Tania! I have no doubt in my mind that you are in very good & professional hands with her!

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