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Energy Doula / Female Healing & Pospartum Healing & Reading

  • 1 h
  • Online

Service Description

This package includes 3 separate session: ENERGY DOULA SESSION: During pregnancy many emotions arise and it is important to pay attention to these aspects in order to feel supported. During the session I will connect with the energy of the baby before he/she is born. Pre-birth communication helps mother connect in with her unborn baby. In this session you can expect to obtain information such as why the baby being has chosen you as a parent and much more. FEMALE HEALING SESSION: As women, we carry a lot of past traumas, blocks and conditioning in our reproductive organs. From healing that energy and making sure that the system is working in harmony we can experience great benefits as women in many areas of our lives including our creativity. POSTPARTUM HEALING & READING: Birth can be beautiful, exhausting & traumatic.. As a woman's body changes during pregnancy and after birth she experiences physical and energetic changes. During this session I will help ground your energy and the new born baby’s energy to ease the transition of having a sense of having your own space. I will help both baby and mama release what no longer serves them and ground their own energy. This will make space to bring in a more supported, relaxed and engage feeling for mama.

Contact Details

Chicago, IL, USA

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